This is the best time to eat dinner and not gain weight, according to science

09/04/2023 at 20:58


Good practice training routine It will help us lose weight without a doubt. But if there’s something the professionals agree on, it’s something to take A good diet is essential. With this they not only refer to the moment of food selection, however When and how to consume it.

Tables are the great thing we forget when we talk about good eating. It is possible that we carry bad eating habits into our day, not giving them enough importance. If we do not have the correct arrangement of the hours, we risk being very hungry at the time of eating. this It will cause us anxiety and will make us eat more and more.

According to a study Harvard universityIt is important Always eat dinner at the same time, almost. Moreover, they think so The ideal time to do this is at 7 pm. For this investigation, they had 16 overweight people follow identical diets, the only difference being the timing of the meals. The results showed that Eating dinner at 7:00 p.m. showed better metabolic performance during sleeping hours.

The conclusions made it clear Eating dinner earlier allows the body to better digest and metabolize food before going to bed. This change may mean an increase in capacity Getting rid of accumulated fat.

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