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Kingston, located in the province of Ontario, Canada, has been ranked as the best city to study in that country (HelloSafe 2023).

According to a study from St. Lawrence College, this city has a range of strengths that make it a strong destination for educational tourism:

  • It has a preserved environment.
  • Easy access to nature.
  • Offers a dynamic student life.
  • It has a variety of cultural and festive shows.
  • It is a city that is very open to international students.

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Provides affordable housing options; Very safe and friendly communities. Image: iStock

Why is Kinston the best city to study in Canada?

Offers affordable lodging options, very safe and friendly communities, with access to multiple outdoor activities, bars, shops, restaurants, events or the reality of living a true Canadian experience, review Toronto Street.

“Another point to consider is the possibility of covering 80 percent or more of expenses when working and studying since there are excellent job opportunities in Kingston,” explained Laura Aguirre, St Lawrence College representative.

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The option to study and live a Canadian experience is precisely Saint Lawrence College, which in addition to having a campus in Kingston, there are also two others in the province of Ontario:

Brockville and Cornwall, which are middle populations and enjoy the same educational and life benefits as Kingston.

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For example, Laura Aguirre points out that the employment rate for St. Lawrence College graduates within six months of graduation is 91.1%, number two in the province of Ontario:

“The key point is that the percentage of employer satisfaction (companies that hired 2020-2021 graduates) is 100%, with the regional average being 88.9%,” said Laura Aguirre.

The specialist revealed that medium and small cities in Canada offer a huge opportunity for Mexican students, as in addition to the advantages shown in the study, they are usually cheaper than larger destinations.

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Currently, Lawrence College has an enrollment of 8,300 full-time students, although about 20,000 part-time students arrive each year at its three campuses, 20% of whom are international students, including dozens of Mexicans.

“We have more than 100 full-time programs available, including certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and graduate degrees, in areas including business, technology, health sciences, and hospitality,” he explained.


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