This is the AI ​​that recommends movies and series

The amount of content has caused us the series, documentaries and movies offered by current platforms such as Netflix, SkyShowtime, Movistar Plus +, Apple TV +, HBO Max (soon Max), Atresplayer Premium, Prime Video and Disney +, among many others. Anxiety…to choose what to see each time, so much so that some are eyeing the book’s potential attack in the United States. But new technologies continue to ally with viewers to make their lives a lot easier. And The recent explosion in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) It also has a solution for all kinds of tasks: ChatGPT was created to help you choose what to watch.

under name GPTflix (everything is flix now), a different version of the popular ChatGPT was born, with one mission to make our lives easier when choosing series and movies. The author acknowledges that he has used OpenAI’s proprietary code and API to modify it to serve this purpose. The process is also very similar and intuitive and can save us from more than one situation of hesitation and saturation, and why not say it, think and decide for us.

Its graphic environment is very simple: it consists of a box in which we present questions indicating the recommendations we want to be given to us, such as “comedy” and Artificial intelligence will answer us, in this casewhich Although the list is very longHis recommendation is to shuffle the species for a more specific search, but he will still give us several names.

Although its title appears in English, it accepts questions in Spanish. Even in the question itself you can insist that “the answer be in Spanish”. Enter a question here! For example:Is Movie X any good? “. Works better if your question contains a movie title! You may want to be very specific, like talking about Pixar’s Brave rather than just Brave. Also, I don’t remember the previous questions! “are the recommendations that the home page gives us. If, on the contrary, we ask for the best comedy, it will be based on recommendations from current critics on the titles in the catalog of 450,000 films, According to its creator Stefan Sturgess.

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Thanks to AI too Can we ask for full reviews To get a better idea of ​​what series or movie we want to watch or have heard about. Of course it has limits and it will not tell us on which platform we can see the string we are looking for and sometimes its answers can be made to wait because it is notOr has a real time response.

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