This is the aesthetic medicine treatment my friends in their thirties undergo (which is confusing)

“The Vitamin injection they put me “vacation face”’, a 36-year-old co-worker told me, noting that unified tone and a healthy, relaxed look on summer days. “I started ‘tapping on vitamins’ and I couldn’t be happier: I look Relax and beautiful”, another friend of 33 years told me, just a week later. More and more acquaintances ask me about this procedure, and unfortunately I found out enough confusion Around. I consulted three different doctors to find out all the details of this A procedure for healthy skin with a natural glowwhose popularity and confusion continues to grow at street level.

“People call a multivitamin prick everything that can be injected into the face and this is it main error: When you go to a beauty parlour, you should ask what is going to sneak up on you and for what purpose, because problems come after…,” says Marta García Legaz, MD, dermatologist and medical publisher at IMR (Institut Rijkaert Medical Center in Madrid and Valencia). generally , “Mesotherapywhich is a therapeutic procedure that consists of applying micro-injections (intradermal) to deposit small doses of what we want to inject into the area to be treated,” he adds. Next, we move on to removing the main doubts.

What is injected?

There are two versions of vitamin mesotherapy. The most prevalent is the one shared by plastic surgeon Marta Sierra, from Beldon Medical Known as the New Temple good old age Based in Conde de Aranda, 14 (Madrid): “When we talk about “vitamin injections”, in fact, we are talking about injections vitamins B, C, D and E along with Non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes and nucleic acids“.

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However, this doctor explains that multivitamin injections are often referred to “when we only do injections.” Non-crosslinking hyaluronic acid In high concentrations: something that doesn’t plump up but just activates the skin.”

Where do you sneak?

“Sneak up a level dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin, with the goal of deep hydration, stimulating collagen production, improving luster and texture, and preventing aging. For this reason, it can be injected into the areas where we want to achieve these effects, typically: the face, neck, chest, back of the hands and the scalp,” says Dr. Morales Raya, founder of homonymous clinic. As for the finer points, my friends in their thirties have had a puncture in the area Wrinkled lines around the eyes and near mouth angle.

Hiring an IMR . Doctor Needles less than 4 mm. In this way, the procedure becomes “almost painless and we reduce the risk of developing hematomas of small diameter and very short needles. Also, to make it less inconvenient, we place Anesthesia cream“, says Dr. Morales Raya.


Vitamins and hyaluronic acid stimulate the fibroblasts in our skin to produce collagen, re-densifying and hydrating the skin. It’s the perfect skin treatment Healthy and radiant lookDr. Munshar. of IMR also highlights “Improvement in Quality and texture of the skin”, but they caution that “it will not achieve significant tightening or amplifying effects.”

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