This is how to create a WhatsApp sticker from iPhone

iOS 16.4 will allow stickers to be sent automatically from the iPhone Gallery. (photo: addiction)

Since the advent of the operating system iOS 16 to iPhoneOne of the functions talked about is detaching an object from an image and sharing it, either as a single image or as a scissors, in some apps’ conversations.

This feature, which is available to users with the iOS 16.4 update, allows you to automatically create stickers from the iPhone gallery without having to download an additional app, which is not possible on other devices and requires outside help such as photo editing software.

The procedure is simple and easy to replicate on any iOS 16.4 compatible iPhone model. The steps to take are the following:

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Enter iPhone Photos and select one of the photos you want to make a sticker from.

– Press and hold your finger on any object that you want to separate from the original image. This will trigger a special clipping line animation with a brighter color and outline the pointy object.

Crop photos in iOS 16 (Apple)

– The user will be able to move their finger (while still holding the screen) to scroll a cropped copy of the image as if it were a separate object. With this, another finger can be used to open the list of apps and select WhatsApp.

– After opening the application and selecting the chat to which the sticker will be sent, the image can be dropped in the middle of the conversation.

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– Automatically, the system will display a pop-up box in which the application will ask the user if they want to send the image as a “custom sticker”. You must click “Accept” and then “Submit” to finish the process.

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The contact will receive the sticker in the format determined by the iPhone system.

This can only be done when you want to remove a specific object. If you want to send a complete photo, you will not be able to perform the same action.

On the other hand, this feature can be used in videos if the object you want to highlight attractively appears in a frame. The video just needs to be paused to use this feature.

The iOS 16.4 update allows you to use the tool to select objects in photos, crop them, and share them as stickers on WhatsApp. Follow Favorite

If you try to perform the same procedure to send photos in other apps like Facebook Messenger, the steps are the same. However, when you drop the copied image into a conversation, it will turn into a white background image with only the object selected.

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Although this function allows images to be shared as stickers, the problem that is generated is that it is not allowed to scale the object to make it larger. The poster to be sent will have the same dimensions as the original photo.

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That is why it is recommended to edit the image and, if necessary, enlarge the object in a larger size.

Sometimes, the iPhone Snipping Tool is likely to have errors or not detect the shape of the object correctly, so even if you have this functionality, it is recommended that you have an additional platform that allows you to make the selection manually.

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