This is how the prize winner will invest

Winning the lottery comes with great responsibility. It is not easy to manage large amounts of money overnight. Financial experts advise to diversify the rewards by investing them in the assets that generate passive income This allows the winner early retirement as soon as possible.

The usual advice is based on Real estate investment, one of the safest and most profitable assets. Likewise, it is committed to investing in mutual funds by following expert advice to generate long-term returns and to explore other avenues for early retirement such as Life Savings Insurance (PIAS, SIALP…).

Whatever the decision to diversify, the key thing is to have a clear and well-thought-out investment plan. This avoids wasting money and ruining like Luis Lopez, the EuroMillions winner who lost all the money in less than a decade.

The winner who is already considering early retirement

Canadian Colton Burwash It looks like it will continue down the good path. This guy won $1 million in Lotto Max in mid-June. When he checked his lottery ticket on his mobile app, he thought his electronic device had some technical problems. Once he realized his phone was fine and he had made a million dollars, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

Colton Burwash, Canadian Lottery Winner.

“I was shocked. I was getting ready to go to work and thought ‘Why don’t I check the ticket?'” “When I did that, I went crazy,” he explained in a statement to Canadian media.Kelowna now.

The first person he told about the award was his roommate and then he called his family. To celebrate he invited everyone to dinner. “Everyone thought I was kidding,” he said. “In the first days after winning the award, I thought I’d wake up sometime and it was all a dream.”

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Your plans are to take a vacation this summer, but you’re already thinking about how to invest money for early retirement. His goal is to invest a large portion of the prize to reach the early withdrawal as quickly as possible.

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