This is how Ferrovial’s work is distributed around the world

Created over 70 years ago as a result of a contract with Renfe to transform the rafters that support the track rails. Since then Ferrovial has become one of the Large Spanish multinational corporations operating in the transportation and mobility infrastructure sector.

The company maintains business with strong economies and large markets such as the United States, Australia or Turkey.

The Spanish group headed by Rafael del Pino Present in 15 countriesAccording to his calculations, 80% of his income is already coming from outside Spain.

The first operations abroad

In the late 1970s, the oil crisis forced the company to undertake an operational corporate restructuring. This started Ferrovial’s expansion into international markets such as Libya, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay, followed by many other markets.

Ferrovial Works

in United States of America It has established itself as an airport and road manager. There, Ferrovial builds highways in Virginia, Texas or Indiana, and operates Terminal 1 at JFK Airport in New York.

in Canada It also maintains the projects thanks to the construction of the new Toronto Underground line, which will include 7 stations, mostly underground, that will stretch 6.7 kilometers in length.

in United kingdom The company won the award of building 4 airports, including Heathrow Airport in London, which has the highest rate of activity and air connections at the European level.

in national territory The construction company launched several public works, especially sections of highways and trains in Zamora, Galicia and several other provinces. Ferrovial is currently building the new high-speed terminal in Barcelona which will be ready in 2026, and in Seville it has been operating for more than 30 years with the cover of the show.

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