This is how Call of Duty punish cheaters


Mitigation techniques can work while Ricochet finds a solution.

The Call of Duty cheat issue is unfortunately nothing new to the fan community and the franchise. Several players have implemented mods or cheats that give them an advantage over other inexperienced players, and Activision has announced the measures it will take to control this situation that has affected a large portion of users.

In fact, for Call of duty: Modern Warfare, it was a never-ending battle after Activision sued one of the most famous websites for selling Call of Duty cheats. Of course, the responsible developers issued a public apology and pulled out via a statement on the disagreement. But even this did not stop the attempts to cheat by players, because it is still abundant in the game. As is the case in Infinity Ward, which banned thousands of users and simply disabled cross-play with PC to avoid them.

Why are there still cheats in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty has a very complex mission with its fan community to solve this problem. And while he continued to announce various mitigation measures in Warzone, he still looked for creative ways to combat the bad practices of players who were circumventing the security system, and continued to invent his own tactics over time. Lasts. the weather.

First of all, if Activision takes more drastic measures like kicking cheaters out of a game session, it will be very difficult for Team Ricochet to track down their cheating tactics. Hence, they kept coming back with new mods after being selected by the developers.

as we mentioned before , Team Ricochet shared the progress of this fight against cheaters on an official blog and revealed some details of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone which they have been working on all this time to improve the experience.

At first they explained how “anti-fraud solutions work like antivirus software.” This means that there is a fairly simple reason behind cheating in battle royale, albeit a bit complicated to solve. For the franchise, despite desperate attempts to stop these unethical practices among players, cheating systems are not easy to spot. In other words, as they themselves knew it, These systems are a type of computer virus. And even if your antivirus is constantly updated, it is very certain that threats will continue to appear. But it seems that one measure that can work relatively well, compared to their previous decisions, is to strip them of all their weapons.

Ricochet’s Dilution Techniques

Luckily, The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat team is trying to fix these issueslearned from everything players can do to achieve their goals, even if it means playing dishonestly and stated that it improves “the speed with which we can recognize when players are doing things they shouldn’t.”

They also explained that when a “bad actor” is detected using traps, one or all of the tools from the team’s so-called “mitigation toolbox” are applied. In this way, it is not only annoying to the player, but it allows the developers to gather valuable information to better understand the ways in which they cheat.

For example, one such tool, according to the team, is Damage shield, which improves player protection from cheaters. This means that players can be aware before they are shot, giving them the opportunity to dodge the attack or turn it back if that fails.

Another mitigation technique is Blocking, which makes the victim of a cheater invisible once he has been hitmaking it impossible to continue to see and thus receive attacks.

finally, Disarmament is the latest tactic currently being developed to remove weapons indefinitely And even paralyzes their movement if they seek to hit their fists.

This series of actions is intended to buy enough time to understand how all cheating mechanisms work, while finding an effective solution to these issues, while “reducing their ability to affect the legitimate player experience.”

Unsurprisingly, Ricochet Anti-Cheat will be active in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and/or Warzone 2.0 once it’s officially released.

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