This free app translates photo text into any language

Use Google Translate offline. (photo: Andro4all)

Google translator It has an option that allows you to upload an image and translate text into another language in real time. In addition, this platform will use the tool augmented reality (RA) from Google Lens to allow this action.

lenses It is an image recognition application that uses an extension artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and understand the content of images captured by the mobile device’s camera.

Some of the most popular features and uses of Google Lens are to recognize objects to provide detailed information about them such as product reviews, pricing, availability, and location.

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Real-time text translation is useful for understanding foreign language signs, menus, and other text.

It contains the Images button, which allows you to upload these files and translate the texts they contain into other languages ​​supported by the translator.

The application can also read QR codes and provide relevant information, such as website links, contact information, and more. Google Lens is a versatile app that can help people in a variety of everyday situations, from shopping for products to translating foreign languages ​​to identifying objects and places.

And now the option to translate text embedded in images, which appears superimposed on and replaces the original text, is already possible on mobile with Lens, both from the Camera-assisted Translator app and from the image itself saved in Local.

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Until now, Google Translate on the web had options for translating texts, documents, and websites. However, it has an image button that allows you to upload these files and translate the texts they contain into other languages ​​supported by the translator.

The app adds changes thanks to artificial intelligence with design and performance improvements.

Google Lens and Translate can be downloaded to any smartphone for free in the app stores.

The platform will integrate into its system more than 30 new languages ​​that will be available in the company’s translator application, among which eOscarAnd CorsicaAnd HawaiiAnd HmongAnd Kurdish, Latin and HawaiianAnd LuxembourgishAnd SundaneseAnd Yiddish And Zulu, among others; This allows you to download more languages ​​to use when you have no network connection or are in an area with low connectivity.

There will also be new gestures to make translating more intuitive, including the ability to select a language with fewer taps and pressing the Language button to quickly choose a recently used language option.

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Also, users will be able to swipe down on the text area on the home screen to quickly bring up their recent translations.

Finally, translation results are now more readable too, with a dynamic font that automatically adjusts as you type text. They highlighted “alternative translations and dictionary definitions to facilitate exploration of different meanings”.

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