“This agreement gives us the opportunity to accelerate growth in Europe and the United States”

Iberdrola dumped 80% of its generation in Mexico on Tuesday. In doing so, he freed himself from a large part of his pain in the state he leads Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, It is distinguished by the regulatory issues associated with these assets, while at the same time expanding its resources to accelerate its growth in other economies. The transaction is valued at around 5,500 million euros ($6,000 million), although the figure may vary upon completion of the agreement, which is scheduled for the end of this year and will mean “Substantial” surplus value for 2023.

“This agreement gives us in New opportunities in the short term to accelerate growth in Europe and the United StatesBut we remain committed Mexico and BrazilThe group’s chief financial officer, Jose Saenz, explained in a meeting with analysts, who, when asked about the United States, added that “at some point” the company will review its plan for renewal in that country.

During the conference, many analysts gave Congratulations to the company For the process in which it disposed of 8,436 megawatts, about 7,000 megawatts, is part of government concessions that begin to expire as of 2027. “We’re close to completion. Problem free With the Mexican government and this is a very important component of this agreement. Moreover, we think so We are entering a new phase Relations with the government. This changes from now on the relationship between us and the Mexican government for the better and gives us opportunities in this country,” added Sainz.

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This does not mean that there is some kind, explained the CFO of the Spanish electricity company future purchase commitmentBut a “Memorandum of Understanding” was signed between the government and the company to maintain relations. “We have reported this to the Mexican authorities We will be happy to invest in Mexico After this deal, but we don’t have it There is no special agreement In this regard “.

At this point, they summoned themselves from Iberdrola” to wait and see what it was New Mexican Government Policies on renewable energy sources.” “The Mexican government has said they want to invest in renewables. I think there’s a good opportunity in Mexico, they’re close to the US where they’re trying to change China through Mexico. We know that there are important plans to develop industries in Mexico that need energy, so we will be happy to start investing there. But we will wait and see what the new policy of the Mexican government is,” added Sainz.

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