They will repair the files of the disappeared from the medical school in La Plata

Within the framework of the File Reform Program coordinated by the Secretariat for Human Rights and Equality Policies of the National University of La Plata, the Faculty of Medical Sciences invites you to participate in the tribute law and to hand over the reformed files to victims of state terrorism. that academic unit.

The activity will take place on Monday 5 December at 9:30 am at the entrance to the Faculty of Medical Sciences located in Calle 60 and 120 in the city of La Plata.

The reform of the file includes recording the state of the members of the college victims of state terrorism, a process that starts from the initial assumption of assuming the responsibilities of the state and institutions, and from there establishing a standard in the issue of memory, truth and justice that, in turn, enables the establishment of “never again” as a basic guide that transcends life Academic College of Medical Sciences in a cross-sectional manner.

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According to the decision, “the order was made to record the status of the disappeared or killed detainees in the files of teachers, non-teachers, graduates and students of this university” and “record the real reasons that were identified in the files. Interruption of work or performance of students for all those who were victims of the last civil-military dictatorship.”

This initiative constituted a contribution from the UNLP as a whole as an expression of commitment to comply with the policy of memory, truth, justice and reparation for human rights violations.

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