They will march in Argentine Patagonia against a US base

BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 1 (Prensa Latina) Members of the multi-sector NeuQueen Against the US Civil Defense Base today will lead a protest in that province against the construction of a facility funded by the US Southern Strategic Command.

We refuse to set up Yankee Base, and we will not concede our rights or sovereignty. Protesters assert that we are not presenting our natural assets, who will move from the iconic monument of liberator José de San Martín to the location where they want to install the base.

The multi-sectoral sector, made up of NGOs and political parties, has expressed its clear opposition to the construction of facilities in the Neuquen Plateau area.

Likewise, they reject the argument of the county government that the millionaire money obtained from the humanitarian program of the United States Army would allow the implementation of a specialized emergency center for civil defense, with the possibility of incorporating an emergency helipad.

“They gave him a property near the airport and on the oil road,” the multisectoral commission highlighted in a statement issued by the news portal

On the other hand, they noted that in the provinces of Misiones and Jujuy the resistance continues to build up Yankee bases, while it was rejected in Tierra del Fuego.

In an interview with the Latin American Brief media, journalist Pablo Fernandez, of Cartago TV, specified that it was not a military base.

Fernandez added that if there is a dispute about showing up or being there with the Rapid Deployment Units, with medical issues, health issues, and a weather issue, they give you input.

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“If there is a flood and strong problems such as earthquakes occur, you have the rapid deployment unit equipped with the latest technology to treat climate incontinence or environmental disasters,” he added.

Fernandez explained that many organizations are asking the provincial government to report on what is happening.

In part of the text they provided in the Judicial Protection Act, they asserted that it was necessary to have access to public information regarding the base to be installed, according to what the county government and the United States government had said publicly: it would be built with money from the country from the north, specifically from the Southern Command.

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