They want to punish the firefighter who risked his life to save his three friends who died hugging in the river

The video shows a firefighter trying to rescue the three friends (Video: X/@AngeloMaggioni3, Photo: Capture)

In Italy they already know him as a hero firefighter. A new video that has spread in the past few hours shows when Nothing desperateFacing the current, to try to save the three Romanian young men hugging in the middle of the Natison River, in the north of the country, shortly before they were swept away by the force of the water.

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His attempt was in vain. The three boys were swept away by the current. Corpses Patricia Kormos20 years old, and Bianca Duros23 years old, was recovered. Christian MolnarBianca's boyfriend is still missing.

The irony of it all is that the firefighter hero, whose name has not been revealed, is in danger of being punished. According to the site, A disciplinary process has been opened Because he jumped into the river, putting his life in danger.

This action, according to the Cgil-Fp union, could constitute a violation of workplace safety regulations.

How was the rescue attempt?

On Friday, May 31, the three boys had gone to spend the day at the river near Udine in the Friuli region. They crossed to a small island in the middle of the river, without any major problems. But suddenly the water started to rise and then they realized that they could no longer return to the beach.

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The water reached their knees. Patricia called 911 for help four times.

Christian Kassian Molnar (25), Bianca Duros (23), Patricia Kormos (20). The three friends who drowned in Italy. (Photo: Courtesy of The Telegraph).

When firefighters arrived, the situation was already desperate. The three friends were hugging each other in the middle of the river in a desperate attempt to stand on their feet and not be swept away by the current.

In this context, the firefighter hero tied himself with a rope and jumped into the river. As the video that spread on social media shows, he is swimming against the current trying to reach the whereabouts of the three friends.

The small circle shows the firefighter swimming towards the three young men marked in the larger circle (Image:

He couldn't even move forward. The force of the current always kept him in the same place. Finally, he had to give up and wait for more help to arrive.

A rope was thrown at them from the beach, but there was nothing they could do.

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“We threw a rope at them, but the water literally swallowed them up before our eyes. We saw them disappear,” he said. Giorgio BassilChief Firefighter Udine.

The bodies of Bianca and Patricia were rescued two days after the tragedy. Christian is still missing.

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