They underestimated the girl and the restaurateur gave them a perfect lesson: “Don’t go back again”

A restaurant’s chef made a drastic decision after one of his waitresses was mistreated by a group of diners. The man took to social media to report what had happened and indicated that customers had been warned “Never tread on the establishment again”, ever in his life. His commendable gesture spread within hours on social networks.

my skate owner and chef kora restaurant, An institution located in Cardiff, Wales, She gives a wealthy client a life lesson after Lily, a 22-year-old employee, tells her about the abuse she received from him. As he revealed via Twitter and Instagram, he decided to give the girl a large sum of money in compensation for the disrespect she was subjected to while attending them.

Part of the version made by the chef on social networksInstagram

Dear (…) First, I wanted to thank you for choosing my restaurant for dinner tonight. I paid the most important amount I ever got in this place. Unfortunately, during the night I found out that the behavior of his colleagues with Lilly, who attend the front of our headquarters, was improper,” he began to narrate in a letter addressed to a specific person, but the name was crossed out as a precaution.

“She is a 22-year-old girl, who told me that members of her group belittled her, despised her and inadvertently touched her. “I spent the last hour talking to her and it broke my heart,” said the owner of the establishment, who is also in charge of his kitchen. “I felt like a miserable boss and a lousy father with my daughter.”

The chef owns the establishment that Lily serves
The chef owns the establishment that Lily servesInstagram

In the message received on Twitter more than 110 thousand LikesAnd The chef first asked for the customer’s bank details in order to return the money they had spent on his house, which was the equivalent of £1,000. But he made it clear that he intended to return £100 less, which they should have left Lily as a tip, because they had not. However, he later said that he made a strict decision and did not return the money to his client, but gave the money another purpose.

Lee downloaded himself on social networks, where he recounted what happened
Lee downloaded himself on social networks, where he recounted what happenedInstagram

“I will thank you if you never come back to my restaurant. Lily means a lot more to me than money. I also think that you should evaluate the people you surround yourself with.” Synthesized in the download. On the other hand, he assured me that his intent was not to “squawk” anyone or go after big fish through his project. I think what we should do is start to appreciate our friends, More than we value money or economic status.” Plus, talk about the importance of being a “good cook” or having a good restaurant without people appreciating: “It doesn’t mean anything. I am without my friends.”

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Later, the customer in question may also have appeared on Twitter, who explained that the “harassment” he was referring to to me was by one of the six people who accompanied him, who “He grabbed the girl firmly by the arm.” The chef also explained that the group included both men and women.

The chef said on Twitter that he gave the money to his employee, rather than giving it back to his client
The chef said on Twitter that he gave the money to his employee, rather than giving it back to his clientTwitter

Like he said in the past few hours The money the diners paid was a destination other than the one it was originally meant to serve. “On second thought, I think I acted very quickly and very emotionally last night. I’m sorry, I was a little pissed off and got protected. I will not return the customer’s money. Instead, I kept it and passed it on to Lily.” Indicated next to the transfer receipt capture.

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