They stumbled upon a shipwreck 2,000 years ago and were baffled: “the first computer”

Discovery The shipwreck is estimated to be 2,000 years old Scientists have been left baffled by its evolution. researchers University College London Using 3D models to reconstruct an existing device and test if it works. However, everything left more doubts than certainties.

There are thousands of unknowns about ancient life in modernity. Various investigations are being conducted to discover and build on what life was like thousands of years ago. Some archaeological discoveries give an initial impetus to how people lived thousands of years ago and What tools do they use on a daily basis?

UCLA scientists think they’ve figured out how some components of the device work. Photo: Heritage Image Partnership Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

On this occasion, a 2,000-year-old Greek shipwreck, known as “the first computer”the scientific field was stunned by it Antikythera Mechanism which has.

It is believed to be more complex than any other tool invented in the next thousand years, leaving scientists to figure out how they went about creating a device more advanced than any other.

This is a handheld device Pneumatic dial system for tracking celestial time for the sun, moon, and the five planets. He also gave an account of the calendar, the phase of the moon, and the time of eclipses.

The 2,000-year-old Greek shipwreck known as the “First Computer” surprised the scientific field with its Antikythera Mechanism. Photo: Heritage Image Partnership Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

To see if the proposal worked, scientists from University College London used 3D computer models to reconstruct this device.”We believe that our reconstruction fits all the evidence scientists have obtained from the remains extant so far.Adam Wojke, a materials scientist at UCLA, said in 2021.

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The team of scientists built on the work of previous researchers and used different mathematical methods to create it arrangements within the gears According to the director, “It correctly replicates the movement of the sun, moon and planets in a space of 25 millimeters in depth.” Scientific reports.

The researchers hypothesized that the results from the portable device might have shown the motions of the sun, moon and planets in concentric rings.

Reproducing tracks was more difficult with sprockets 2,000 years ago because The Greeks assumed that the sun and planets revolved around the earth. Something different than if the sun had been placed in the centre.

This research is close to how the Antikythera device works, but the scientists They were left with the uncertainty if the design was correct And how did they come to create such a sophisticated tool, with so little technology, that surpassed what was built a thousand years later.

However, the big unknown was the purpose of this tool: If it is a device for teaching, a game Or any other type of job that would explain a little more about their rich culture.

It also worried the researchers in the sense that if the Greeks were able to manufacture this type of device, what other things would they have been able to create with the limitations of time that had yet to be discovered by man?


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