They stressed that the Qatari dollar expects sales of trips abroad

Meanwhile, for Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Executive had already launched the new exchange rate, ‘Sales have gone up dramatically’As he claimed.

However, the rhythm stopped as the working weekend approached: “From Thursday and yesterday (Friday) the fact had a negative impact on the operations of travel agencies due to a problem that was operationally very difficult to adapt systems to a rule that still does not exist. Very clear.”

“Demand for this problem decreased a little more than the increase that ended up making up 14% of the total dollar, which went from $275 to $314.” Analyze it.

In his view, the measure will not prevent trips and purchases abroad for customers “with high or medium-high purchasing power”.

“There is a fact that today, without quotas and at these high prices, the public with purchasing power travels abroad, which is high or medium-high purchasing power, obviously It hits him but he won’t stop making a trip because of this increase‘, detained.

Looking at last month’s moves, Gurfinkel confirmed it ‘30% more sold than before the pandemic’.

“Not only was this the first month we were over a month prior to the pandemic, but we were over 30% and Tuesday was, for example, a day of high sales because it was already known that the measure was going to take effect the next. August we had nothing to beat. We sold 98% compared to August 2019.”

Similarly, he stated in a call with AM Radio Con Vos: “In every previous month we have been a little lower and fortunately September was the first we were able to recover and surpass pre-pandemic levels.”

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What is the Qatari dollar?

The new exchange rate for foreign currency credit and debit card purchases and charges, which collectively exceed $300 per month.

This is the result of 30% country tax, 45% on the account of profits and 25% on the account of personal assets.

The goal of the executive branch is to encourage tourists to make purchases abroad with their own dollars rather than BCRA dollars.

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