They stole the account of a well-known clothing brand and used it to deceive other users

Since years Instagram accounts They are targeted by cybercriminals. The most exposed is “Influencers”, who earn money by sharing videos or photos sponsored by certain brands. But the popular users of this social network are not exempt from someone controlling their accounts.

Cyber ​​attacks have evolved over the years. Some use the stolen accounts to contact the brands and try to offer their services to them and participate in their advertising campaigns. It’s so fast that when the profile owner notices, The hacker has already changed the name The account as well as the email address and even the contact phone number.

This happens to the famous clothing brand Sathya. Last weekend, their Instagram account was hacked and cyber thieves have been using it for their own profit ever since.

Brand message warns against theft.

Satya Sokolovsky, daughter of Monica Sokolovsky – the brand’s creator – explained to Clarion What was the modus operandi used by the cybercriminals to obtain the account: “The situation started on July 9, when I received a message Instagram official format They say that due to the violation of copyright rules they were going to delete the page, we had 24 hours to enter the link they gave me to comment the page. There they asked me to change the password as well as my name to enable them to enter the page.”

During the process, Satya thought she was in touch with Facebook’s technical team, because – according to her – “they were provided with the official Facebook format and logos”. “They made me think my account was insecure and that it was The target of an attempted cyber attack That you ask me for the data and take the whole account ”, added Sokolovsky.

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He also said that the hackers immediately changed the email and phone number of the account, which means it can no longer be accessed as a user. In desperation, he wanted to file the complaint but realized there was no Instagram channel to make it easy right away. After losing count, Sathya started to worry about it The hackers did the same to his 12,400 followers.

It also shows his sadness at the situation because, he said, “there are six years of work drop by drop on Instagram, with each publication we publish reaching about five thousand people.” Note that this tool Key in ‘this time of the pandemicThe situation is very critical for us.”

After the hack, Sokolovsky contacted the criminals, who demanded money from him for the return of the account. “He started by demanding $200, which should have been sent in exchange for bitcoin to their account.” But the deal was not carried out and the cybercriminal turned the brand page to another page To deceive others again. “It permanently changes the user and deletes all the posts we’ve been doing all this time. This is a huge loss.”

How to protect your account

Instagram launched this week Security CheckThis is a new feature to help people keep their accounts secure. Scams, spam, phishing, and hacking violate the platform’s policies. This is why Instagram is constantly improving detection of these behaviors and providing the community with the tools they need to stay safe.

A security scan guides people who may have been compromised through the steps necessary to Secure your accounts. This includes checking login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming which accounts are sharing login information, and updating contact information for account recovery, such as a phone number or email.

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Additionally, Instagram recommends some actions for people to keep their accounts more secure: activate two-step authentication; Make sure the email and phone numbers associated with your device are up to date; Note that Instagram will not be contacted via direct messages; Report suspicious accounts and content, and activate a login request to receive an alert every time someone tries to log into your account from a new device or browser.

This is how hackers work.

This is how hackers work.

Another important thing is that Instagram is always contacted by mail. Instagram Emails helps identify files في Legit emails that comes from Instagram (can be found in the app under Profile/Settings/Security/Emails from Instagram”).

In the event that the account is hacked, Instagram offers various measures to protect it. In the first case, the person must check whether he received an email informing him of the change of account address. If this is the case, you can undo it using the “Cancel change” option.


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