They sound an alert for a “potentially dangerous” asteroid that will touch Earth on Friday

the a potThe US space agency issued a warning a few days ago for two asteroids which would have touched the ground on monday 27 and tuesday 28 february.

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he “Jet Propulsion Laboratoryto organize that country Warned that orbs are “potentially dangerous”after evaluating parameters that measure the potential of each space rock to make threatening approaches to our planet.

That was the case a pot Issued an asteroid warning2012 DK31” And “2006 BE55″. Each of them was 140 meters in diameter, Equivalent to a 40-storey building.

Fortunately, the two celestial bodies remained at a safe distance from the Earth’s atmosphere.

But more recently, the US Space Agency He also issued an alert about the asteroid that will approach Earth on Friday.

Yes good It is also “potentially dangerous”, its size is smaller, about 100 meters in diameterBut it travels at a speed of 43,497 km / h.

In this case, the published information indicated that, fortunately, it is estimated that it will remain at a great distance from Earth, where It will pass about 5.3 million kmwhich is enough to keep the probability of a collision with our planet at low levels.

The impact of a spacecraft on an asteroid

A few months ago, it was a test a pot Consists of sending a spaceship Arrow To deliberately collide with an asteroid, to analyze the possibility of diverting its trajectory.

There are a number of telescopes and famous ones Hubble, captured the moment of impact, which caused the asteroid to shoot a comet-like tail. finally, the mission Arrow was successfulchanging the orbital period of the asteroid Didymos.

NASA intentionally shipped the spacecraft.

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