They seek to agree on a first blueprint for the scientific and technological pole of San Juan

A virtual meeting was held in which local auditors from various fields related to science, technology, innovation and production spoke, to agree on a blueprint for the science and technology pole in San Juan.

In this framework, they discussed the possibility of establishing the Scientific and Technological Pole (PCT), which is responsible for generating the necessary knowledge, through research and development (R & D), to transfer it to local companies that want to innovate, and add value to your company. an offer.

This was one of the proposals that emerged from the San Juan Agreement, which was developed in a participatory manner last year. In order to make this proposal more realistic, the first provincial PCT draft has just been prepared at the Regional State Secretariat for Science and Technology Innovation (SECITI), with the advice of a national consultant appointed by CFI, which is currently being worked on. Agreement with other government agencies (especially the Ministry of Production and the Quality Agency of San Juan) and with the main actors of the regional scientific technological system: the two universities, INTA and INTI and CONICET.

This opportunity was attended by the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation, Tulio A. Production Minister Andres Diaz-Cano. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communication, German von Eo; Under Secretary for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Activity, Marietta Benavente; Head of the San Juan Quality Agency, Eduardo Dana; INTA San Juan Director, Mónica Ruiz; CCT CONICET Director, Carlos Borghi; CCT CONICET Director, Germán Norte; UNSJ Science and Technology Secretary, Eric Laciar; UCCuyo’s Minister of Science and Technology, Luis Jiménez; INTI San Juan experts, Mabel Fabbro and Marcela Vida.

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How will the PCT work?

There will be research and development centers in San Juan on strategic issues of regional interest. In principle, we arrive at eight axes: mining; agricultural industries; knowledge economy (computing, informatics, robotics and design); alternative energies (solar, wind and geothermal energy); water and environment; Health and medical equipment. Astronomy and Paleontology.

These centers will be inter-institutional. For example: the agro-industrial center will add resources from INTA, INTI, UNSJ, UCCuyo and CONICET and can work on the INTA Pocito pilot plant; The Astronomy Center will include contributions from UNSJ and CONICET and will be based in El Leoncito (Barreal); etc. All these centers will be connected to each other and to the outside world, to share knowledge and seek externally for knowledge that we cannot generate locally.

In turn, these centers will be connected to a central core, which will be the Director General of the entire PCT. This center will perform 4 basic functions. On the other hand, it will act as a Unit of Interconnection and Transfer (UVT): it will attend existing companies that need innovative solutions that require knowledge; This UVT refers to the relevant center, which will carry out the research and development work necessary to acquire this knowledge and then pass it on to the companies.

On the other hand, the Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation will act, which will provide the necessary funding for the center to carry out its own research and development work and for companies to innovate. Third, as San Juan needs more innovative companies, in this core there will be a unit dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship.

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Finally, to support entrepreneurs who are just starting their activities, Nucleus will have a business incubator (San Juan LAB, currently managed by the San Juan Quality Agency and SECITI, which has been successfully operating for two years).

The San Juan PCT Scheme aims to be a flexible, participatory, agile and efficient model, taking advantage of the resources already in San Juan and operating with scattered minds, which will operate under the motto “Maximum production of knowledge at the service of San Juan’s development, with minimal investment in infrastructure and bureaucracy

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