They reveal a video of a BMW falling off the fifth floor in Medellin

The security cameras of the building, located in El Poblado, caught the car falling into a void. Photo: Capture video with permission from El Tiempo

On the morning of Monday, March 15th, a tragic accident occurred in the exclusive El Poblado neighborhood of Medellín, An armored car with three passengers on board from the fifth floor fell into a parking lot, leaving a fatal victim. The events took place in Veneto, in the Castropole sector, and even there rescue agencies, members of the official fire department and the National Police were present.

The terrible accident resulted in the serious injury of a deceased person, aged about 37 years, and two other persons, aged 20 and 34 years. Three firearms and money were found during an inspection of a BMW commercial vehicle that fell into a void.That is why the people who were injured in the accident will now be placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s office for illegally carrying weapons.

This sparked public curiosity about the way the car fell 200 meters to the ground. Several national media outlets have obtained the video of the fall, in which it appears that a man was with the three fell in the car.

Hence, the authorities take into account the issue, which did not help those affected by the fall, and who could have fled the scene of the accident:

First, the man who escaped is seen near the driver’s door. The driver, who died from his injuries, turns from the other side of the vehicle towards the door. He shares a few words with the topic and continues to get into the car.

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Without closing the door, and what was considered the driver’s fault, the car flies in the opposite direction, crashing the protective wall. From there, the car fell to the ground as the man withdrew from the wall that had collapsed with it. There he watches the scene from the nearest fixed wall and the video pauses. According to the authorities, the man fled and it is not known who he is or where he is.

“We are in the process of identifying the fourth person who, through analysis of video cameras and through interviews with people at the time, That fourth person does not help his companions and what he is doing is running away from the scene“, Brigadier General Pablo Ruiz, Metropolitan Police Commander, said.

What the authorities know

According to investigations by the Metropolitan Police in the Abora Valley, people in the car arrived in Medellin from Cali, Buenaventura and Choco and always visited the city for meetings in an apartment in the Poblado sector. According to the results, it appears that the people were connected to illegal groups, for the time being, if they were associated with a criminal group in the Pacific Ocean, such as the Los Contadores case.

They find weapons and money in a car that has fallen from a fifth floor in Medellin.  Photo: National Police
They find weapons and money in a car that has fallen from a fifth floor in Medellin. Photo: National Police

The authorities also confirmed that in order to proceed with the investigations and discover what the men were working on, investigations are underway in cooperation with the Police Intelligence Department (Sipol) and Sijín de Cali.

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“The wounded and the person we are identifying have a criminal record, and events occurred both as accused and as complainants in various crimes related to the Pacific coast, specifically in Cali.”General Ruiz explained.

On the other hand, the authorities went to the place where these people were staying and found a bag with jewelry there, according to information that the place belongs to the aunt of one of the victims who lives in Cali.

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