They reveal a trick to talk to someone who blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to send a message to someone who has blocked you. At the moment, it is not officially known if there is a pending bug to be rectified or if it is a normal way to run in the messaging app. The truth is that this “trick” to talk to the people who blocked us works with the help of a third party.

The process to follow to contact

  • We need a third person willing to cooperate, it is imperative that this third user is not blocked by either of them, because we can’t add someone who has blocked access to a group.
  • The third party concerned has to create a group that includes both of us.
  • Within this group, the communication will be completely normal and you will be able to go to the person who has blocked you and this user will read your messages and can reply to you if they wish.
  • In the example shown, the contact Javier has blocked us, we choose Mariana to create the group, we write to Javier and check that he has read the message in the information section of our message.

The consequences of the interruption continue, and you will not be able to connect privately, You won’t see their profile picture, you won’t see their status post or profile description, as well as the last time they were contacted, but you will be able to communicate.

In fact, if that third person who created the group decides to leave it and we stay in the group with the contact alone, we can continue to make the group as if it was a private chat. These types of procedures are always recommended In the event of a desire to clarify a possible conflict in a peaceful manner.

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