They removed the NYPD chief after receiving a bosom dance from a subordinate

The cell phones that were present during one of the year-end celebrations in New York Police Department Khan’s crazy behavior Lieutenant Nick McGarry Who lost his current position and was brought under an internal investigation department by the Foundation. In the pictures taken of him during the party, he was seen as the agent Vera Miccoli, 26I dedicated to him a personal dance.

TIt all happened on December 16 at Rory Dolan’s bar in the popular Yonkers neighborhood of the North Bronx, Where the group of police officers met in the last days of the year as it happens in many companies and work groups at this time. The goal was undoubtedly to have fun and to dance.

As expected, the police did not capture the video of the young woman well McCauley Swinging near the lieutenant McGarrySo, he decided to take action on the matter. His boss’s decision was strict, because his bosses chose it He moved him from his position, which was in District 44, to the Transit Division.

The dance of two policemen with disciplinary penalties

According to the broker New York PostThe policemen were enraged when they saw these scenes involving the married man and the client. In the video, which added thousands of views on social media, the lieutenant held his subordinate while he was sitting in a chair and moved her hips.

According to the same newspaper, the wife of McGarryAnd MelissaShe was angry at a journalist who was trying to take pictures outside her home. Her husband, the punished police officer, tried to calm her down, but she shouted to the journalist: “There are other things to worry about in this world!”

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Regarding McCauley, his father spoke publicly and indicated, based on what he posted the post: “she told me ‘Dad, you got it wrong. I feel very ashamed of what I did. I embarrassed you and my family“”.

real time, No disciplinary sanctions have been confirmed against the 26-year-old agent, who studied criminal justice and police science and was received in 2018. In New York and around the world, the video continues to go viral and has become a nightmare for the lieutenant and the police department.

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