They remove the dating sim anime that made you Steam’s income statement and its creator blames it on a “vile corporation” – PC

Tax Heaven 3000 has disappeared from Steam after a controversial release.

At the beginning of the week, a certain proposal appeared on Steam, which raised a lot of expectations among users of the Valve platform. Tax commission 3000 It is, like many other titles, a dating simulator that will allow players to meet a virtual girl with whom they can date, share interests and much more. However, this title had a special feature that eventually caused it to disappear from the platform a day after its launch: it helped you with your income tax return.

It collects in computer gamesThis address gave the opportunity to American citizens To use the knowledge in the game to make the income statement for 2022. And so on, when meeting iris, the hero of the game who has to pay the rent alone, players can get dates with her to strengthen the relationship between them and use this close connection to carry out their tax procedures. But, as expected, this issue has ended up causing blisters since the income statement was filed Giving up private data.

The developers claim they just want to disrupt the companies

Regarding pulling the game from Steam, the developers have confirmed that their intention is not Social security number theft from the citizen. In fact, they claim to be what they really want idle companiesa position they seem to have achieved since the title went on Just over 24 hours on Steam. So, in Tax Heaven 3000’s pagethe creators state that it is only designed to “Tax preparation assistanceThat is why providing the accurate information and presenting the advertisement as soon as it is completed is really the responsibility of the users.

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In addition, it is stated on the same page that this game is designed to “Single files without dependentsIn addition, they added that the Tax Heaven 3000 proposal does not comply with “All tax casesWhatever the case, even if it is ephemeral, the fact is that Tax Heaven 3000 was a milestone in video games because it never added Any other suggestion for various options like dating sim And Income statement.

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