They put on music in the operating room and were stunned by the patient’s reaction

To deal with the surgery, a group of Doctors through social networks showed a particular option: turn on the music. Health professionals garnered thousands of comments and views on TikTok by posting the video about how they spend hours in the operating room.

As can be seen in the footage, the patient who was about to undergo surgery “enjoyed” the rhythm “Yo Foy” Daddy Yankee Song with Zion & Lennoxsince he moved his hands.

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They put on music in the middle of the procedure and the patient’s reaction surprised them

“When a patient puts a flux in the operating room”the health expert wrote when posting the post, which has surpassed 300,000 “likes” and four million views.

Many users have shared similar stories. For example, some women claimed that during childbirth, doctors would use music to reduce stress.

An investigation of nearly 100 patients at a hospital in England concluded this Some melodies help reduce anxiety levels while awake.

“Surgery can be a stressful experience for patients and our goal as clinicians is to find ways to make them feel more comfortable. Calmer patients can handle pain better and recover fasterDr. Hazem Saad El-Din, director of the investigation, said.

Some melodies help reduce anxiety levels while awakeiStock

Based on the analyses, especially considered songs, or songs with soft rhythms preferred by patients, as evidenced by the study published in the specialized journal. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Yes in deed , Pray for doctors and health professionals: Music should not be a distraction for anyone and patients should not be recorded without consent. In case they feel uncomfortable, if they are aware of the situation, it is best to turn off the sound.

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