They pulled out a car that had been parked in the same place for 47 years

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The car has become a local icon and its eviction has been discussed in the Italian press for weeks, even attracting the attention of the district’s president, Luca Zaia. “He passed when he was a student and played it as a good luck charm in exams,” the official said, adding that he had even considered turning it into a historic monument in the city.

The blue car belongs to Angelo Fregolent, 94, who opened a newspaper store in 1974, according to Corriere dela will.. Since then the car has been parked near the store building.

Use Fregollent sedan To store unsold copies of newspapers and receive new copies. Two years ago he broke his hip and left work. However, the car was parked in its usual place.

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The plaza in which it was parked, located between the sidewalk and the road, is no longer permitted under the road regulations. That is why a long discussion began about moving the car and what to do with it.

Two volunteers – Giovanni Burton, entrepreneur and vintage car enthusiast, and President of Serenissima di Conegliano Club, Paolo Pico– Offered to return the car and then take it back to the city and deposit it at the Ceretti Technical Institute in Conegliano, which will be donated as a monument. However, before that, the Lancia Fulvia will be shown at the “Auto e Moto d’Epoca” vintage car show that opened in Padua on October 21. “We couldn’t imagine a better future for Fulvia,” commented the owner of the car.

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