They promote bamboo production in Puebla for housing in the United States and Canada


They promote bamboo production in Puebla for housing in the United States and Canada. Photo: special

The state government, BUAP and organizations have begun activities to design a plan for the state to continue as a major producer of bamboo in the country with 2544 hectares, but also its derivatives, which have focused on meeting the demand for the species in the United States and Canada.

During the virtual work table organized by the Minister of Labor (S), its owner Abelardo Cuellar Delgado He recalled the foregoing, by saying that with the hectares of bamboo planted, the entity would be able to meet the demand for the plant as an alternative to housing construction in North America, and create jobs in the state.

In 2017, the National Forestry Commission identified a state Puebla As the first place to produce bamboo Veracruz In second place with a thousand 304 hectares and Tabasco The official said that the third is with an area of ​​93 hectares and the rest of the entities also have less than 100, and also added that there are organizations, cooperatives, specialists, professionals and companies from Puebla who already have experience working with this natural resource.

In his speech, Cuellar Delgado referred to this for a decade United States and Canada They are looking for alternatives in building houses due to deforestation and the reduction of sawmills, so that the workbench, as the center of the conversation, includes the necessary capabilities that contribute to the satisfaction of the demand Both countries in the construction of housing and other Thousands of kinds of use and transformation.


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