They plagiarize Casciari’s story and the writer considers it a “tribute”.

The story that appears on page 11 of this book is signed by Arturo Méndez Osorio (Photo: Adrián Escandar)

Writer Hernan Casciari He shared a fun fact on social networks that happened when two Mexican publishers contacted him on suspicion that the book they published with short stories that won a competition contained a text plagiarized for him: far from litigation, the Argentinean created more than An ingenious way out of considering that more than one copy is “regardsAnd give them the green light to continue adjusting the volume.

The story went like this: A publisher called a contest and the winning stories were compiled into a volume. Once it was in print, Mexican publishers knew that winning first story—design it Arturo Mendes Osorio– It was a version of a fairy tale Casciari“,”Diary of love during a disaster’, a text from 2006 found in his book grandfather facho advice.

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The publishers called him and told him not to sue them and that they would take the book group out of circulation, even if it meant utter losses. But the Argentine gave them an unexpected answer, he said on Twitter. I told them that plagiarism is, in fact, a secret homage some do without realizing it, and that I would send them a card with ‘mistakes’ in it so they could include it in the book. This is how the publishers didn’t lose their money in relief and everything had an #end. happy “.

The author provided an ingenious solution (Photo: Adrián Escandar)

In the “mistakesAccompanying the edition of the book, Casciari writes that the story is signed by Arturo Mendes Osorio It’s very similar to his story, “Both stories have the same number of words and they’re all in the same order,” he writes and concludes: “I’m excited to think it was just a coincidence.”

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The writer explained the reason for his decision: “What happens to me is that I have a different view on copyright. Then, much less can I get angry at something traditionally called plagiarism. I even find it funny and see it as an honor because plagiarism is, in fact, a kind of The envious honors that a third party does for one’s work.”

It is, in fact, almost all of Casciari’s work not copyrighted or copyrighted, that is, released (it’s just a matter of entering his blog where you can read a lot of his texts). “Anyone can do whatever they want with any of my stories, including derivative works, and even commercial use of my works, as long as they name me. In other words, the only limit is to fit it in like this boy did, but it doesn’t bother me either.”

Hernan Casciari’s solution

This isn’t the first time this has happened to him. Something similar happened to him with a movie produced by neither more nor less than Hollywood in 2011 which he defines as “Perhaps the most typical caseBecause it was plagiarism with a giant, there were a lot of people interested in the lawsuit going forward. It’s about the movie. right on time 2011 that contains ideas from his short story “Constant Rate of Joints and Other Developments” published in 2005. “Actually—he recalls—is a very litigious country, so there were several US law firms that contacted me pointing out everything I had to That I do to fill myself up with money by suing. And I evidently take no precautions or say anything, for my work is entirely free to be used by whomever wants, and I am not very fond of litigation or things like that.” Casciari has not seen the movie yet.

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