They noted that La Nación / Viajes was not canceled by omicron and in 2021 sales rebounded

From the Paraguayan Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (Asatur), they state that although the emergence of the new omicron variant of COVID-19 has been frightening and the risks of expansion are not ruled out, trips in general have not been canceled, and instead if it occurs globally, This is due to climatic factors.

Likewise, they pointed out that the measure to continue the course of life and activities is necessarily vaccination, which would be like the response to what happened with the epidemic, and that in fact in 2021, there was already a recovery in sales.

“People are not canceling Omicron flights, the entire northern hemisphere, in the US there are cancellations because of the weather that happens every year. What is essential here is understanding that a vaccine is the answer,” said Asatur Vice President Marta Chamorro, in contact with 650 A.m.

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Thus, the procedure should be to get the full vaccination scheme, take PCR tests to leave and return to the country, and the important point I highlight is to get travel assistance that covers COVID.

In Israel, the fourth dose has already begun. “It’s very hard for the world to be the same if we don’t want to be vaccinated,” said Chamorro, who urged people to get vaccinated.

They noted that travel assistance or coverage has been available for a long time. Photo: Christian Meza.

In terms of sales, Chamorro emphasized that they bounced back with more passengers traveling, and that in 2021 they were already seeing changes, so they can say that they are much better, because they are also trained and ready for that.

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Regarding travel assistance insurance, it was mentioned that all credit cards generally have this service, but they do not always have the coverage one needs and this is where the interested party has to know what kind of coverage is offered.

It’s a service that’s been available for years with credit card companies, and it’s coverage that costs $50,000-$60,000, which should carry all packages, they have to have the terms in writing just to be sure if it’s covering COVID-19 or not, he confirmed.

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With an attendance card, a person who shows a positive result outside is not stranded, they are protected by a roof, and this happens even if someone is feeling down at heights, for example, said Asatur’s vice president. Chamorro explained that in the case of COVID-19, the hotel is responsible for isolating the person, for which it is already equipped, and even a family member can stay as an attendant and the rest comes back in the case of family trips.

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