They marched against the United States base at Neuquen

The multi-sectoral “No to Yankee Base Neuquen” movement convened this afternoon Do the packing in the city center Against the installation of a building donated by the United States government. Beginning at 6 p.m., protesters gathered at the memorial to General San Martin. According to the planned itinerary, the protest moved to the seat of government and returned to the meeting point to carry out the final action.

Apdh Neuquén Vice President Nerea Montes stated on Radio Universidad CALF that the main reason for the invitation is to celebrate Sovereignty Day which will be tomorrow.

“We know the history of the United States’ interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” Montes emphasized. “We believe that the rejection of the base being built here, andDefend Argentina’s right to self-determination and sovereignty.

The county government is carrying out the construction of a building donated by the United States Southern Command on the Northern Highway. They confirmed that offices will be built there to operate the civil defense and a warehouse to collect donated materials.

The reference of the human rights organization stated that it is building “facilities that are supposed to be humanitarian aid, for civil defense.” He stated that the works have been suspended for a long time, but the work has been resumed. “We will continue to oppose him,” he said.

Montes noted that there had been a response to the judicial protection decision before the judge was notified. We analyze the information. The first impression is that it is insufficient, but we cannot yet issue ourselves on the importance or insignificance of the documents you have submitted to the government and whether they respond to everything we ask.”

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He added that some deputies requested information and that “absolute silence prevailed.” He noted that they made a series of requests for information in 2018 and 2019 and filed a judicial appeal. “They only filed something with a subpoena,” Montes said.

Pictured: Oscar Livra

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