They manage to create a black hole in the laboratory and it begins to shine

The most extreme things in the universe are black holes; They are very dense Not even light can escape the enormous gravitational force Once you are close enough to it. Now, that distance (fairly close) varies according to the mass of the black hole, This is what we know as the event horizon.

When an object crosses the boundary of the event horizon, it disappears into the black hole. However, in 1974, English physicist Stephen Hawking proposed that discontinuities in quantum fluctuations caused by the event horizon give rise to a type of radiation very similar to thermal radiation. s Something we can discover (Although we can’t now).

But what if we could simulate it in the lab?

We wanted to use powerful tools Condensed Matter Physics To demonstrate the inaccessible physics of these amazing objects: black holes,” said the author of the study published in the journal Physical review researchLotte Mertens.

Now, a team of scientists led by Lotte Mertens of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands has created an artificial black hole in a laboratory setting, and has discovered something startling in previous black hole experiments: They shine like the real ones.

Physicists have created a kind of event horizon that interferes with the wave nature of electrons, resulting in a temperature rise that matches theoretical predictions for an equivalent black hole system: I managed to generate Hawking radiation.

Although there is no real gravity in the model system, studying this synthetic horizon provides important information about the physics of black holes. While it is not clear what these results mean for quantum gravity, the proposed model offers a way to study the occurrence of Hawking radiation. In an environment unaffected by wild dynamics to form a black hole.

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