They judged a woman who presented herself as a doctor and treated patients in different parts of the province, including Rumang

Natalie Horie de Simon 42 years old, sentenced Three years in prison To practice medicine illegally in the cities of Romang, Santa Fe, Santo Tome, Laguna Paiva, Esperanza, La Pelada and Sarmiento.

Judgment was adjudicated by Judge Jorge Patrizzi in a summary procedure trial that took place in the courts of the provincial capital. The investigation was conducted by the Speranza Financial Unit of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office 1.

illegitimate and infallible

In 2019, a code of conduct for women was imposed under a pending trial. However, he did not comply and returned to treat patients without title or license plate. As a result of this new criminal behaviour, she was deprived of her liberty in September of last year and her sentence has now been imposed on her.

Diagnosis and treatment

Between 2018 and 2021, de Simon Provide services as a doctor on call, make diagnoses, perform treatments, and give and prescribe medications Over and over again, fully aware that it’s not allowed.

The prosecution stated that the convict practiced the profession illegally Samkus Romang, La Pelada, Sarmiento and Laguna Paiva, as well as in private clinics From the cities of Santa Fe and Santo Tome. For this crime, the Penal Code stipulates a minimum prison sentence of 15 days and a maximum of one year.

False doctor too injured woman who went to a beauty center in the provincial capital to perform a facial treatment called a peeling,” the MPA explained, adding that “the convicted woman improperly applied the creams on the victim and caused first-degree burns to her face.”

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foreign registration

It was pointed out at the session that the Governorate College of Physicians reported that during the period in which the illegal acts were committed, there was no registered professional bearing the name of the convicted person.

Similarly, it was noted that de Simon Use a stamp he made with his name and the registration number of a real doctor in business.

Fees charged with billing type c.

The pseudo-doctor offered a fake resume, saying that she had a professional degree and that she had completed her residency at Etorasp Hospital in Santa Fe, which was not the case.


De Simon was sentenced to three years in prison as an author practicing illegal medicine, as well as for Intentional minor injuries and fraud. His defense accepted the criminal classification proposed by the Prosecutor’s Office, the sentencing and the decision to shorten the trial proceedings.

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