They invite you to participate in the pilot workshop “Humor as medicine”

On April 25th, the pilot workshop “Humor as medicine”, coordinated by Raquel Frejus and Paula Regilato, will be held in El Arca space, in Paraná. The suggestion would be one day, and six hours long. Limited places.

The healing properties of laughter and sense of humor have been recognized in most ancient cultures. Today, the healing power of good humor is being rediscovered and its ability to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.

Humor surprises make us give up control with confidence and a smile, it helps us to decipher the structure of ourselves and thus open us to other perspectives, it allows us to experience joy even when we face adversity.

We open up a space / time to connect with our own sense of humor and with others, at Espacio EL ARCA, a great outdoor venue.

We invite you to launch the “Fun Baby” that we all carry inside, to stimulate creativity and boost self-confidence, through fun technologies and group dynamics,

6 hour intense flight

Tariff activity

El Arca Space – Volga Germans 195 B ° Paracao, Parana.

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