They hold a preparatory meeting on science and technology from a gender perspective

The Ministry of People’s Power for Women and Gender Equality (MinMujer) and its affiliated entities held the preparatory meeting on science and technology from a gender perspective.

The event took place in the Multipurpose Room of the Women’s Development Bank (BanMujer) and was attended by feminist leaders, women entrepreneurs and scientists who will discuss innovation, technological change and education in the digital age to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

In this regard, Minister of Women’s Affairs and Gender Equality Diva Guzmán commented that this activity is not accidental because it coincides with the month of women and girls in the field of science, which contributes to the efforts made by the state to fund and promote scientific projects that develop women.

Guzmán highlighted the importance of a woman like Minister Gabriela Jimenez chairing the Science and Technology portfolio, helping to make gender investigation work visible in the country “As a country, we have to talk to the world about how we do all our integrations, which is why it is so important to share experiences and showcase How to do it.

She also reported on the posting that MinMujer workers have been doing for the past two days to help organize, form and register sorority councils, an all-women sorority meeting commitment.

At the conclusion of this meeting, the Minister invited those wishing to participate with their contributions to the new Perfiles magazine, which will have a special issue for the month of March, on the occasion of International Women’s Month.

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Likewise, she announced that an international women’s meeting will be held very soon, where these issues related to women’s experiences related to the development of science and technology can be widely discussed with the experiences of international feminist movements.

Among the authorities present were the Deputy Ministers for the Protection of Women’s Human Rights, Irama La Rosa, and the Office of Science Education in Production, Danmarie Hernandez.

Source: Minmujer Press


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