They handed him to death, and they were about to donate his organs, and he reacted! | Chronicle

An 18-year-old British man reacted in a coma and was diagnosed with brain death, just in time When doctors were about to operate on him to remove and donate organs. The event surprised the doctors and his family.

It comes to b Louis Roberts He was run over by a truck in a city Normal Person He was seriously injured in the head. Been transferred to Royal Stock University HospitalOn the fourth day, however, the professionals who attended said he participated ‘Zero opportunities’ To recover.

The young man who miraculously survived.

The doctors told our family that nothing else could be done, because unfortunately he suffered a “brain stem death”. He died “, He said Chloe RobertsOne of your family members.

For this reason, relatives have given permission to donate their organs. But when doctors proceeded to remove the mechanical aid to undergo the analog procedure, the patient He started breathing on his own.

After two weeks, the boy continues to improve. “He started to react to pain tests, moving his limbs by himself, and also moving his head from side to side, and blinking and moving his mouth as well,” About his relatives.

After what they considered a miracle, the relatives began collecting the costs of the treatment. They have raised about 1,800 pounds (about $ 2,500) so far. “Any money that is sent will go to Lewis When I’m home standing on my feetThey said.

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