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Friday December 10, 2021 | 05:00

Tonight, Michoacan Noel “Zamorano” Mejia and Canadian Justin “Ascino” Gandoza will trade punches at Josué “Neri” Santos Gym, which is open for the second week in a row to offer a boxing event. Both boxers will compete for the World Boxing Federation (GBU) ultra-lightweight title.

For Mejia, who has 22 wins, 16 losses and a draw, this could be his last fight after a 15-year career, according to the fighter himself.

“They offered me this fight, and they called me and said ‘let’s go.’ Yes, I have an inactive year in fights, but not in sports, and never sparring, my colleagues, my team, my professional friends, and the amateurs, whenever they would fight, they talk to me, they call me, “Help us be sparring, I’m there sparring, trying to keep fit, that’s why, because one doesn’t know when he’s going to leave, but yeah… I probably don’t know if I’ll be the last one or more as I retire, especially because of my age and integrity Mijia said.

The Zamora, Michoacan native said he trained the same way when the Zap Gouda was measured, but the second week of his training was a bit tricky due to his oblique muscle pain during sparring sessions.

“I was forced so much into what was cardio, the resistance, which was in the race, when I start forcing my lungs, the curves are the ones that get hurt by the air I pull in the lungs and hold. My sparring was hard because even if I was protected and they hit me with a hook, It hurt so much, but after the third week I recovered,” Noel explained.

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For his part, “El Asesino” Gandoza stated that his career was entirely in Mexico, but he had never gone that far before.

“I love this place, I am so excited to fight. I have to say it doesn’t feel like Mexico, it feels like the United States.”

Gandozha said Mejia is a great contender, but is confident to add his 14th victory and stay undefeated in the professional field.

“I think he is a great competitor, this will show everyone how good I am because I will go 14-0, he is already 37 years old, he has a lot of experience, and I want to show the world how good I am.”

professional boxing

Friday December 10 2021

Josué ‘Neri’ Santos Gym

GBU International Super Light Championship

Mexico vs Canada

Noel Mejia vs Justin von Gandozha

Tickets at

Salas Lounge, $2,200.00 MN

Fila 1, $770.00 MN

Fila 2, $660.00 MN

Fila 3, $550.00 MN

Fila 4, $440.00 MN

Fila 5, $330.00 MN

Ring General, $220.00 MN

Preferente, $150.00 MN

General, $110.00 MN

Prices include service fee

Name: Miguel Mejia

Alias: Zamorano

Birthdate: May 12, 1984

Birthplace: Zamora, Michoacan

Age: 37 years old

Weight: 65 kg

Section: Super Light

Record: 22-16-1

Name: Justin Gandoza

Alias: Assassin

Birthdate: October 30, 1992

Birthplace: Ontario, Canada

Age: 29 years old

Weight: 65 kg

Section: Super Light

Record: 13-0-0

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