They found the bodies of the passengers of the missing plane in eastern Russia

View of the area where the Russian An-16 crashed

Governor of the Kamchatka region, Vladimir Solodov reported on Wednesday that the bodies of passengers of the An-26 that crashed in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the Kamchatka Peninsula have been found., in the far east of the country.

“Rescue teams have found the bodies of those killed in the An-26 crash and started to get them out of the water.”, by TASS.

According to the Russian agency SputnikA spokesman for the Russian emergency services reported that The bodies of six passengers have been found while the search for the plane’s remains and the plane’s black box continues.

“The fuselage is on the shore, while the rest of the aircraft is deployed along the coastal area,” Solodov said on Tuesday afternoon. The remains of the plane have so far been found about 4 kilometers from the local airport where the plane was to land.

On Tuesday morning, the Kamchatka emergency service reported the disappearance of a plane with 28 people on board on the Russian peninsula, after which a spokesman for the agency indicated that it might crash into the sea.

“The Antonov An-26, which was on its way from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Balana, did not respond to the observers on time,” An emergency service spokesperson noted.

The Rosaviatsia highlighted that the meteorological conditions in Palana at the time of landing were “complicated” and detailed that the mountains near the airport were covered in clouds.

Faced with this situation, the Russian Prime Minister said: Mikhail Moshstin, ordered the formation of a commission headed by Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev, to investigate what happened. In addition, a three-day duel was announced across the region, according to TASS.

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Russian rescue teams on Tuesday identified the location المكان Passenger plane crashes with 28 people on board On board the plane that disappeared from radars a few hours ago, when he was on his way to land on the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, in the far east of the country.

Sources at the Ministry of Emergencies said that the search stopped this evening Hopes of finding survivors were little or nothingRussian news agencies reported.

governor Kamchatka, which is a vast and sparsely populated area but is popular with tourists because of its volcanoes and wild nature, he said. The coastal region of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

Obviously, there was a disaster during the landing أثناءHe confirmed in a video posted on the KRG website.

Russia’s air transport agency, Rosaviátsia, said a little earlier in a statement that the remains were found at 9:06 p.m. (09:06 GMT) but rescuers worked “He was hindered by the geography of the terrain.”

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