They found 800 pairs of golf gloves in the bags of a Korean couple who tried to justify themselves: “They are for our friends.”

The passengers had arrived at the Aeroparque with 4 suitcases and 3 carry-on bags and were detained at customs. They were also carrying 160 face masks – the woman said she wears them every day. The seized goods had a value of $15,000.

Being a person with great social skills Make friends It can have its drawbacks. For example, returning from a trip with excess baggage due to gifts quantity. As happened – or tried to explain this tax evasion – to a Korean couple who were detained in Aeroparque for arriving in the country with 800 pairs of golf gloves.

“they are for our friends”, The woman, who was the only one of the two to speak Spanish, excused herself without hesitation when asked by customs how many units she would bring and suspicions of a maneuver to avoid paying taxes.

Customs agents caught their attention when they saw them arriving at the airport with them Four bags and three handbags from trip from From Frankfurt, Germanywhich stopped in São Paulo, Brazil.

Customs kept 800 pairs of golf gloves in Aeroparque.

As a result, the local authorities summoned the passengers concerned to inquire about them Reasons for visiting the country.

Quite calmly, the Korean citizens explained that they made the trip because it’s both They just got married and she lives in Argentina. Regarding what they brought, the woman said, “They just had some presents for their friends.”

However, upon passing their baggage through the scanner, the agents of the General Directorate of Customs in charge of the process discovered that if this was the case, A large amount gifts.

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That is why they decided to open the luggage and search it thoroughly, thus finding 800 pairs of golf gloves. But the discovery Did not change the version Newlyweds who insisted they are for those close to her.

Customs detained shipment.

They also brought 160 skin masks: “It’s all for me,” said the Korean woman.

It wasn’t the only thing they brought with them. And youAnd that wasn’t the only unusual excuse provided by the passenger to justify the items in her bag.

Is that in addition, they found out 160 leather masks. Normally, I gave an explanation of the number of units: “They’re all mine, I use one a day,” claimed.

Similarly, individuals who persisted in opening the luggage compartments were also found Thermal patches and socks And more products in case new.

As detailed, they came in large and varied quantities, so beyond arguing with a large group of friends and a woman’s facial care routine, presumably they were Imported for commercial purposes.

The estimated value of the goods they brought in is 15 thousand dollarswhich also Far exceeds the $500 concession Envisaged income by air.

In this context, they inform the spouses that they also constitute a violation of the baggage regime, which considers exclusively the entry of goods for personal use or as gifts.

Accordingly, after several hours of detention at Jorge Newbery Airport, the General Directorate of Customs proceeded with it Isolate all things The passengers brought their bags for violating Article 977 of the Customs Law.

They also reported it A record has been set corresponds to the facts.

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In this context, they report that due to the illegal entry of goods into the country, the spouses can fit in A fine of up to $3 million.


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