They find an Aboriginal man with an iPhone in his hands in a 1937 painting

One has been discovered An interesting anomaly In an older artwork, this time it relates to an idea iPhone In a painting by the Italian-American painter Umberto Romano. The painting in question is titled “A. Pynchon and the Springfield Settlement”, painted in colour 1937it represents settlers arrive to the city of Springfield in the 1620s.

What caught the attention of social media users is Aboriginal character in the paintingAnd It bears what appears to be a small black oblong object similar to a iPhone And look at it directly. This peculiarity has puzzled viewers, who speculate on the possibility of time travel, ever since iPhones weren’t invented until 2007..

The man appears to be in front of an iPhone. Photo: US Postal Service

However, the expert Brian Anderson to a different conclusion. After carefully analyzing the painting, Anderson suggests that the object in question is not a futuristic technological device, but rather a Mirror.

Anderson explained, “There is reason to believe, then, that what a man examines is not something original, but of European origin, like mirrors, which are often presented in such exchanges.” The way a man holds you, if it really is He looks at his face reflected in it“It would certainly make sense,” he added.

This revelation puts an end to the time travel theories related to the Umberto Romano painting. Rather than a device ahead of its time, what was depicted in the painting was a A culturally significant object of the timeAs a mirror used in exchanges between settlers and Native Americans.

However, the mystery could not be fully clarified, since The author of the work died in 1982, without explaining what it was which he painted in 1937.

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