They file a complaint against SUPERCAS VU for attempting to force a union

Mexico City /

The Mexican Federation of Workersalso known as the “Association”, petitioned quick answer To the labor authorities in the United States against the car factory VU . manufactures for his illegal attempts to force a labor protection union into his auto parts factory in Black stones, Coahuila.

In a statement, the Mexican Autonomous Federation accused the administration of inviting representatives of Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM)a protection union with close ties to employers, to enter factory facilities on Tuesday to become a union representative without workers’ consent.

He added that for several months the workers have been organizing their requests with the League Independent and democratic union representation in the factory. It is common in Mexico for companies to invite protectionist unions to intimidate workers and undermine independent unions.

“Opposition to CTM I have already faced various forms of retaliation and threats. At least one worker exhibited CTM during his company-facilitated presentation They were taken out of the factory by security guards and He was dismissed on Thursday morning.”

Allegedly the other affiliates of the league were Disciplined and threatening during one-on-one meetings With supervisors of their activity inside the factory, although CTM officials continue to wonder Signatures are on the lines during the working day. It is alleged that managers illegally continue to facilitate the cetemista campaign by bringing workers in groups of one or two to their offices to join.

league The petition was submitted Thursday to the Workers’ Boundary Commission, a non-profit organization that works to advance labor rights and gender on the northern frontier.

We are in times reforms in favor of labor rights, Not continuing to repeat old practices.” Julia QuinonesCommittee Director and Association Counsellor. Manufacturing workers at the University of Victoria hope to be heard and supported in their just demands to exercise their rights to organize. They are unwilling to continue to allow their legitimate rights to be violated, and we will do everything in our power to achieve justice.”

Under the new Mexico-United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), Mexico committed to agreeing to a comprehensive reform of its union law to enhance protection of the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

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through the new Rapid Response Mechanism (MLRR)T-MEC allows for United States and Canada Take swift action to investigate complaints of labor abuses and impose trade sanctions, such as tariffs and trade halts, on companies that violate reform.


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