They expect the installation of the EU-Canada Commission against Mexico in the field of energy

Mexico City /

The partner responsible for carrying out the transactions of the company Santamarina and StitaAnd the Juan Carlos MachuruAnd the Consider that changes in The Ministry of Economy It can be announcing a change in our position Mexico In the consultation process USMCADerived from the policies applied by this administration in the energy sector.

The fact is that the United States and Canada reserve the right to launch an international commission at any time., without it being expected under any clear scenario that they would abandon it. This is far from strengthening our country’s negotiating position, but rather makes it more vulnerable and weakens it.”

The specialist said in a statement that Given the imminent installation of the committee, Mexico has a losing sidehe said that the transition team of the current administration at that time negotiated the removal of the original text of Chapter 8 From the treaty that laid the foundations for advanced cooperation between the three countries in the energy sector, deprivation Mexico One of the benefits of this cooperation was signed by the Canadian and American governments, by the way, in a parallel document.

What was negotiated by the transition team led by Dr.. (Jesus) Mr. It was to bring the text of Chapter Eight a fact vulgaritywhen referred to Mexico It reserved the right to reform its constitution and internal legislation and preserved the immediate and inalienable and imprescriptible ownership of all hydrocarbons, whether included or not, it was evidently applicable to the three countries.”

He explained that, as in any trade agreement, countries retain their sovereign right to reform their constitution and internal legislation “as is.”

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