They evacuated 1,200 people who were trapped in a fire in a Hong Kong skyscraper

More than 300 people trapped in the World Trade Center in Hong Kong due to the fire

Firefighters rescued on Wednesday More than 1,200 people were trapped in a The World Trade Center in Hong Kong, where a fire began to spread at 12:37 local time (4.37 GMT) which led to the mass evacuation of office staff and customers from the shopping center.

According to local media, The fire broke out around lunchtime, trapping hundreds of people who work in the building, as well as offices that also house restaurants and shops..

About 300 people were trapped for hours In the thirty-fifth of the building in the outdoor spaces.

Firefighter In total, more than 1,200 people were evacuated and managed to put out the fire, which began due to a power outage on the ground floor of the shopping center, an area that was under renovation, notes the Hong Kong newspaper Standard.

Firefighters used an extendable ladder to rescue several people trapped in the lower floors of the building.
Firefighters used an extendable ladder to rescue several people trapped in the lower floors of the building.

Rotary South China Morning Newspaper add that At least fourteen people were injured as a result of smoke inhalation and were sent to nearby hospitals.

between them, A woman in her sixties was unconscious and had difficulty breathing.

The authorities decreed a level 3 emergency in a maximum of five levels.

Evacuating people during the fire (Reuters)
Evacuating people during the fire (Reuters)

Police said firefighters mobilized two teams with respirators and two expelling planes to help put out the fire.

Owned by the property Sun Hung Kai Properties, the building consists of 14 commercial floors and 25 offices, located in Causeway Bay, one of the main commercial and financial districts of the former British colony which includes many skyscrapers, malls and shops.

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The massive fire also caused interruptions to traffic across the city.

(With information from EFE and AP)

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