They do tests to determine if your cat is mentally ill

Surely you know someone who has had a cat, and they have certainly told you that they are psychopaths. It may not just be paranoia according to science.

They hunt animals for fun, attack you from behind, and even watch you while you sleep: these traits are often repeated when Some cat owners tell you that their pet is mentally unstable.

However, they can now confirm this without the paranoid fear of a great hairball, since a group of scientists from the University of Liverpool and John Morris University They have dedicated themselves to discovering how true the theory is.

employment studyingPsychologists have studied the relationships between 2042 cats and their owners to develop them A detailed questionnaire that can be used to analyze your pet.

This test, called the CAT-Tri+, consists of 46 sentences in which cat owners rate 1 to 5 how well this statement describes their pet.

While not all questions have been announced, there are five circulated in the English media.

test questions

Of the following statements, the animal should be rated from 1 to 5, with 1 being “this statement does not represent my cat” and 5 “describing it very well”:

  • My cat likes to sit in high places like doors, windows, or the top of stairs.
  • My cat enjoys torturing its prey rather than killing it on the spot.
  • This pet dominates other felines in the neighborhood: it scares them away or fights them.
  • My cat purrs when it attacks people or other animals.
  • The cat is dominating me: chase me or attack me.
  • according to daily MailPhrases such as “My cat is talking loudly (meow or howl) for no apparent reason,” “My cat gets excited easily (for example, he becomes hyperactive and goes crazy while running in different directions),” among others.

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    beyond fun

    English media maintain that the results help measure levels of cats’ aggressiveness, as well as traits such as a lack of empathy, harsh aggressiveness, and traits of dominance or ‘disobedience’, which are problems with moderation in behaviour.

    “It is likely that all cats had at least one trait of psychopathy, as it was beneficial to their ancestors in access to food, land and mating opportunities,” Rebecca Evans, the lead investigator on the case, told the newspaper.

    But the test is not only to cast suspicion, but also among its goals seeks to improve relations between cats and their owners. Thus, there will be more responsible care for those and, accordingly, the level of abandonment can be reduced.

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