They detained and interrogated the C5N team in Ukraine

Gabriel Michi Leo Da Rey Ukraine C5N.mp4

“They explained to us that we were there as witnesses but not as detainees. But they held us incommunicado and treated us very badly,” Michi said. “The most infuriating thing,” he added, “is that they made copies of our cell phones, and even pictures of our relatives.” “They suspected we were doing espionage missions,” he added.

The situation was notified by the authorities C5NAnd the Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero took charge of the diplomatic efforts and asked Ana Laura Cachaza, Director of Consular Affairs in Buenos Aires, the Argentine embassies in Ukraine and Poland, and especially Elena Mikosinski and Anna Maria Ramirez, to be the priority for solving this problem. Thing.

After the intervention of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, the team of the news channel was released, with the exception of Leo Da Re, who was based in Russia, he was released again and finally deported. While his situation was resolved, his companions did not leave the place.

After 24 hours of stress, the team C5N I managed to get out of Ukraine and Currently located in Poland, Where they were received by the Ambassador of Argentina.


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