They denounced Luana Volnovic for integrating 200 employees into PAMI without requiring them to obtain a high school diploma

Following the information published by Clarín regarding the entry of 206 workers to a permanent plant in PAMI, Many of them without completing high school, head of the organization Luana Volnovic He was criminally convicted for possible crimes Public official breach and abuse of power. The judicial offer was made by the opposition deputy Marcella Campagnoli It was filed in the relevant court Sebastian Casanelo.

As indicated by the decision of the General Authority for Military Industries 2022-263, which was signed last Thursday, it provides for the transfer to a permanent factory with 206 workers who were already under temporary contracts, and it will become effective as of April 1.

In justifying the measure, Volnovic said it was “necessary Provide this institute with the appropriate human resources For the normal implementation of its own procedures, in order to provide the benefits of medical assistance in accordance with the demand of the population for whom it must provide coverage.

The discussion that led to the criminal complaint arose in connection with the ten paragraphs of the decision explaining the situation of those who do not comply with one of the requirements detailed in the State’s Entry Policies: I finished high school. In this regard, the Director of PAMI explained that national and international studies “have shown that retention and completion of studies remain one of the greatest challenges facing educational systems in Latin America” and that the reasons for dropping out of school “are multiple, complex and diverse.

He said it though “The need and the right to work among young people is the dominant factor”. For a PAMI holder, the submission of the secondary degree becomes “ An official barrier that violates the right to decent and fair working conditions“.

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The situation caused by Covid-19 has not been excluded from arguments to justify incorporating agents who did not complete school. Volnovic noted that the pandemic has “aggravated the difficulties of completing education in adolescents and young adults”, as “the most disadvantaged sectors are those that have experienced the greatest difficulties in continuing their careers in school.” Let’s remember: It was the national government that advocated not attending school for more than a year.

Before explaining how the shortage of a high school diploma would be corrected among the contractors who would go on to the permanent staff of PAMI, the head of the organization spoke of the “elitist matrix of the educational system, particularly at the secondary level”, which “promotes the exclusion of large segments of the population from the said level of education.” “.

For this reason, he decided that those who have not yet obtained a high school diploma “Your position will be held for up to 365 calendar days. From the beginning of the academic year in the year following their appointment.” Until then they have to settle the situation, i.e. finish studies or obtain a certificate.

Until that happens “the hardworking person You will continue to provide assignments under the service lease methoduntil the requirements for obtaining that secondary degree are met.

Prior to Clarín’s inquiry, they explained from PAMI that transporting 206 people to the plant “It is the regularization of the status of contracted institute staff from 2006 onwards. In this sense, equal rights and working conditions for all workers are guaranteed.” This is “not an exception” but “a mechanism of encouragement so as to end the monotributistas who have been in this situation for secondary years.”

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This Tuesday, Representative Campagnoli denounced the situation in a federal court. “The principle of equal access to public office has been violatedwhich could have been ensured by the opening of a contest that would allow experts and personnel appropriate to the matter to gain access to the public offices concerned”, retains the complaint, which he approved Clarion. but continues”Access is restricted by arbitrary selection of people who do not meet even the minimum legal requirements (such as having a minor title) to perform the functions to which he will be assigned.”

In another section of her presentation, the opposition leader said we would find ourselves “faced with a clear disrespect for the duties that the PAMI Executive Director assumes her responsibility as a public servant, and abuse of her position.” For the sole purpose of benefiting people who do not have the necessary requirements To reach public office, which will only be their advantage or prove their suitability The militants of the party to which Volnovich belongs“.

Likewise, it was stated that through this measure, PAMI “turns to employees who lack adequacy or technical knowledge, which will not only disrupt state funds allocated to the said program, but also lead to Organ damage (Most of them are retired, disabled and retired people who are in a critical situation).

Official sources confirmed that the basic salary of the agency’s employees is more than 80,000 pesos.

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