They demand more medical exam schedules: ‘We lose years’

Medical students once again made a clear claim ofThere are no responses from the authorities. ” They noted that “months ago” they had no information about the academic status of many of the students. The conflict has several axes, but the most important of them are two axes: the absence of examination schedules and the delay in uploading the regularities. Students assert that these two variables “lose years” of schooling.

Today around 50 students gathered in Piazza San Martin to make their living situation visible to the community. They indicated that there was no response from the students’ department, which is the first contact link with the authorities. After the posters were shown, the majority against the College of Medical Sciences contract figure, Vera, toured the city.

“The call for several allegations, but in short, there are many problems that prevent us from following the problem that was issued. It is historical, but it got worse with the epidemic. Exam schedules are missing, before the epidemic there were no five schedules between December and March, but some put only one.” In other cases, free examinations were not even given. ” Rossio, fourth year student.

Another inconvenience that students go through is administrative inconvenience, They confirmed that many of the regular materials were not downloaded, which prevented them from registering for the material studied the following year. If this is not resolved, they lose a year. In addition, he asserts that many of the topics are left without a quota.

The Student Center is tired of sending out notes and there are no answers. We just want to study. It is largely disorganized and does not generate a great deal of uncertainty. We don’t know if we will be able to study this year, ”Rossio said.

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Carola Villanueva, fourth-year students, noted that they have no responses from the student office: “They don’t even answer the phone“There are children in very complicated situations, they have lost whole years and the administration does nothing,” he said.

Students said that due to the outbreak of the epidemic, exam schedules were suspended and “only” in August were set again, but not at the previous pace of the onset of social and preventive isolation, in March 2020. Last year complaints began to be visible due to the lack of spaces for professional practices. The situation did not begin to be settled until the end of the year.

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