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They assert that Dellisanti is not qualified to practice medicine

It was ratified by Federal Judge Julian Falcucci, who led the hearing where the accused’s last verdict was handed down

After Federal Prosecutor Maximiliano Hayrabidian asked to investigate whether Spiro Antonio Delisanti was practicing medicine illegally, Federal Court 1 Judge Julian Falcucci confirmed that he was not only disqualified for medical performance, but was also fully aware of it. The judge is the one who held the session in which a final judgment was issued against the accused.

Consolidating the penalties, Falcucci decided to sentence Delisanti to seven years and three months in prison, a sentence considered to have been completed as of December 8, 2020, taking into account the recorded time of detention. In addition, he was twice banned from practicing medicine in that time.

The Board of Physicians were not aware of this ban because they stated in their records that Delicanti was authorized to act normally as a physician. This may respond to the fact that the Federal Judiciary did not notify the Council of the verdict, although it is also considered that the accused introduced some form of fraud to the entity.

Along these lines, Judge Falcucci explained: “My ruling on March 10, 2020 was final in the early days of 2021. The Court of Cassation ended up confirming it in February 2020 and we immediately carried out a consolidated hearing of the rulings. There was almost no time to deliver the sentence, so it is possible that the College of Physicians was not I have been notified of the penalty of ineligibility.”

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However, although this kind of controversy arose between Justice and the Medical Council, the main thing was the fact that Delisanti knew very well that he could not operate legally: “Other than if there was a connection to the Council of Physicians, the main thing here is that Delicanti was aware of that sentence that forbade him from practicing medicine.”Falcucci explained.

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He emphasized: And the proof of his knowledge is that he is He actively participated in the consolidated hearing, the presumption of which was precisely that our disciplinary verdict was firm. He cannot ignore the existence of that sentence that prevented him from practicing medicine.”.

For a possible violation of medical disqualification, Delicanti will now be investigated by Federal Prosecutor Carlos Casas Noblega. As the process progresses, the accused could end up in prison again.

For its part, the investigation by the Public Prosecutor for Crimes against Sexual Integrity, Dr. Alicia Chirino, into allegations of sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl, continues to provide no news or charges.

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