They condemn the sexual assault at Jose Maria Colin Hospital in Santa Fe | The accused is a medical student

Attended by a 23-year-old girl In the early hours of Tuesday To the guard of Jose Maria Colin Hospital in Santa Fe It ended hours later by filing a simple sexual assault complaint against a 53-year-old medical student who treated her. The young woman denounced it as “touching”.The order in which the Public Prosecution ordered a patrol car to detain and transport the accused to open criminal proceedings. what happened Medical training has been temporarily suspended.

After being abused in the guard, the young woman was able to tell her mother what had happened, so they both went to the police station that works inside the hospital’s health beneficiary to file a complaint. The accused man tried to stop them and even struggled with the abused girl’s mother. According to the young woman, the practitioner touched her chest and hugged her while she was lying down and then tried to apologize for not reporting to the police.

The director of the Maria Colin Hospital, Juan Pablo Politi, met the victim, asked him about the details of what happened with the chief guard, and then informed the authorities of the Ministry of Health of what happened, at the same time. Started an internal summary. Politi explained that he is not a professional in the hospital but a student at the National University of Rosario (United Nations), and that due to what happened “all training sessions have been temporarily suspended”.

The man responsible for the man stated that “this person will be prevented from entering the hospital until his situation is settled,” adding that the victim was a woman who had undergone surgery recently, and after the situation with the student, she should have been taken to the hospital.

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