They browsed Google Maps and found two bodies about to be buried Chronicle

A chilling scene captured by moons Google MapsThese two are lying side by side in what appear to be recently excavated graves in Oregon, United State. The mimics of a horror movie sequence have been discovered by the eyes of the viewers of this platform.

The event got viral as the hours went by but not everything seems to be, At first glance they are two similarly dressed bodies (a blue jean and a white shirt) In two graves designated for each dead body. However, there are no other people nearby or a shovel nearby to indicate the funeral.

These details were striking but had an unexpected explanation: the corpses were part of a landscaping work. Those responsible for this fact are a couple. What has not been confirmed is how this image came to Google Maps.

Called work “without address” Created by the Chicago couple known as Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger, they previously had an exhibition at the Western Exhibitions art gallery in Illinois City.

They confirmed this from the art gallery This piece was made as part of the Time-Based Art Festival organized by the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art in Oregon.

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