They became friends at work and discovered that they were sisters

Cassandra Madison, 32, and Julia Tenetti, 31, discover that they are sisters nearly a decade after they met at work, as they happened to become best friends.

They were born on Dominican Republic
Both were adopted by families United State,
The country they live in.

In 2013, due to things in life, young women met at a Connecticut bar where they worked.

Soon after, Julia learns that Cassandra has tattoos from the Dominican Republic and it is there that they discover that they are both from that nation and that they have been adopted.

Sharing her amazing story on Facebook, Cassandra commented: “We started wearing identical clothes, we had fun together and everyone told us ‘We are sisters’, without knowing what they were saying was true.

Although the young woman moved to Virginia in 2015, she remains in close contact with Julia.

When 2021 begins, the young women’s biological father traveled to the United States to meet with Cassandra. At their meeting, I asked him if they had given up on any of their other nine children and he said yes.

Cassandra didn’t hesitate, as she was certain that Julia was her sister and immediately traveled to Connecticut, where a DNA test was done the next day to confirm her suspicions.

“Same mother, same father! The young woman said that only two girls work together discover that they are sisters.”

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