They assert that the end of cell phones is much closer than we think

Nowadays, cell phones represent (almost) everything in our life: not only do they allow us to make calls, but connecting to the Internet opens many windows to the world. But far from what most experts think, some experts assert that its end is much closer than we think.

For Facebook Reality Labs members, in particular, the screen of these devices demands a lot of attention and isolates us from our environment. And the key to tackling this problem, without giving up on everything a smartphone has to offer, is in augmented reality, says the ABC report.

The companies, in this sense, are behind the development of devices like the one we see in the “Mission Impossible” movies, where the character Tom Cruise can see all kinds of information around them thanks to his special glasses.

This future is, it seems, closer than expected: Facebook Reality Labs has developed a prototype of a smart bracelet that will allow the user to make calls, send messages, play video games or see information through the use of augmented reality which, as they say, “read minds”.

These signals can be detected thanks to EMG technology. It is a proposal widely used in the field of medicine to make various health diagnoses related to the nervous system.

The Facebook bracelet uses it to capture the electrical activity of the nervous system and translate it into digital commands, thus enriching the augmented reality experiences.

According to Reality Labs, using a Facebook bracelet, it is possible to “pinch” the fingers in real life to hold and control objects in an augmented reality “world”.

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They explained from the lab that the wrist is the ideal location for this device for several reasons. One of them is that the brain dedicates a large portion of nerve cells to control its movement.

Also, because it is the ideal place to place a wide range of sensors that detect nerve signals.

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